At this time, I have been blessed with two little ones who keep me very busy. I am enjoying these moments by being present with them and am not able to put the time in I need to conduct one on one spiritual readings at this time. My focus is going to shift to helping others step into their own light and learn about their intuition and spiritual focus. I am going to be offering a few classes that I hope you will join me in. 

Please contact me directly at my email for any inquires on classes, or services.

Insight & Intuition (8 week class): 
This class will meet bi- weekly in April & May on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:15pm CST. The first class with be April 12th.The classes will be April 12th, April 26th, May 10th, May 24th. I will make sure to record each class, in case you are not able to make it. This will give you the opportunity to go back for a replay at your own convenience as I know we have busy schedules with our home life too. I will also be offering each student one on one time with me to individually discuss questions, experiences or things which you wish to not share in a group setting. I will set up 30 minute appointments weekly for this one on one mentoring.

Chakra Connection:  
This class 
will focus around the chakra system and help to develop your knowledge within each chakra. Class will be this summer over zoom and will be a 7 week course meeting bi-weekly.

Angel Card Reading:
Discover extra guidance in areas of your life such as health, love, or finances. A card reading will allow me to pull 3 cards individually aligned to you and help provide guidance and advice to areas of your life which may need a little extra light. This session will be completed through email. 

Angel Card Reading-$30 (three cards)

Single Card Guidance- $10

Weekly Inspiration Pull:
What can be a better way to start your week then on a positive note? Mondays can be tough and some days harder then others. A weekly card pull will give you positive energy to help start your week out. If you find yourself struggling with positive outlooks this can be a great start to a new approach. I will personally pull a card pulled for you and compile an email proving you with your weekly guidance and support. An email will be compiled and sent out to you by Sunday evening so that you are able to start your week with positive energy. 

Weekly Inspiration: $15 per week 

*All the above services can be conducted through FaceTime or over the phone based on individual preference.