Spiritual Connection:
One-on-one reading which allows me the opportunity to connect with your loved ones. Through this reading I will be able to provide details which will resonate with you and allow you to make a connection. My goal is to be able to provide you comfort through details on how your passed loved ones are doing as well as indications that they are still with you. During this process it is very important to remain open minded, and understand that information may come through which does not make sense at the time of the reading. Please do not allow this to discourage you. I ask that you take notes or record the session we share together that way you are able to validate information that may come through at a later point of time. This is a very positive and uplifting experience, spirit is present in hopes to bring you comfort and assistance with the grieving process. Spirit is not here to deliver bad news, they just want to provide you with comfort to assure they are still with you. 

30 Minute Spiritual Connection-$60

45 Minute Spiritual Connection-$90

*If you would prefer to have an individual sit in on a reading I charge an additional $25, per person. 

**At this time spiritual connections will only be available through video or by phone. There is no option for face to face. 
Video options available: FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and Zoom
Thank you for your understanding 

Ultimate Girls Night: 
This experience invites you to get together a group of your closest friends. It will begin with a hour long private yoga session taught by certified yoga instructor Melissa from Madelia Yoga. After the yoga class there will be a small break and then we will go into an hour long group reading. This is a unique and special evening for you to combine yoga and spirit into one. Please select Ultimate Girls Night on the contact form if you are interested in this special experience. 

Group Readings:
A perfect opportunity to gather your family or friends in one setting for a spiritual connection. Please contact me for inquiries regarding group pricing details. 

Gift Certificates:
Give a gift that is special and one-of-a-kind. Please email Lauramariemedium@yahoo.com for inquires on purchasing personalized gift certificates. 

Angel Card Reading:
Discover extra guidance in areas of your life such as health, love, or finances. A card reading will allow me to pull 3 cards individually aligned to you and help provide guidance and advice to areas of your life which may need a little extra light. This session will be completed through email. 

Angel Card Reading-$30 (three cards)

Single Card Guidance- $10

Weekly Inspiration Pull:
What can be a better way to start your week then on a positive note? Mondays can be tough and some days harder then others. A weekly card pull will give you positive energy to help start your week out. If you find yourself struggling with positive outlooks this can be a great start to a new approach. I will personally pull a card pulled for you and compile an email proving you with your weekly guidance and support. An email will be compiled and sent out to you by Sunday evening so that you are able to start your week with positive energy. 

Weekly Inspiration: $15 per week 

*All the above services can be conducted through FaceTime or over the phone based on individual preference.