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Class Offerings & Special Events

Teaching others is a pure joy of mine, I enjoy watching others step into their own individual light. Our unique worlds can be altered in a positive way if we are able to incorporate spiritualism & positive mindset into our daily/weekly practice. Being open to the idea is enough reason to check out a class or series. Knowing there is more out there and shifting our overall appreciation can help us as we navigate this earthside. 

Insight & Intuition 2024.png

Insight & Intuition 2024

(Program is January-February 2024)

This is a 8 week program that focuses on several areas of Spiritualism. 4 weeks we will meet in class in person or through zoom, then the remaining weeks will be self study and 1:1 mentoring. This program is designed to give a little insight on different areas to see which you align with. We will learn about:

  • Clairs

  • Meditation

  • Spirit Guides

  • Cleansing a Space

  • Boundaries 

  • Angel Cards, Pendulums, Auras

  • 1:1 Mentoring  


This program is only open to 5 individuals to allow me the individual 1:1 mentoring and attention to those invested.  We only have one spot left for 2024! 

Program interest form must be filled out prior to acceptance into the program, to ensure its a good fit and energy alignment

If you are interested please send me an email at

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