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Since I was a child, I always knew I was different. As I think back, I now understand the things which I knew, imaginary friends that I had, were in fact all connection to spirit. I was connecting and had no idea, and as strange as it was for me I now think back to all those people around me who were supportive and had no idea what I was talking about. Over the years I have since learned how to actually tap into those connections, and bring through messages as well as valdiations. During my first connection my father confirmed the ability I had since I was a child, and urged me to learn how to utilize it to helps others. Over the past few years, I have worked on personal development to learn how to tap into this beautiful Spirit world. I have no doubt my father connected the dots for me to begin this remarkable journey. 

I have said from day one, "If I am able to help one person the way my first reading helped me, then this journey is everything I could have hoped for." Little did I know when this journey all started, all the amazing people I would be connected with. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and in this line of work I have learned there are no coincidences. You have landed on this very page for a reason, whether it was a friend who referred you or pure curiosity, and I hope that soon it all makes sense exactly why. 


Every reading I do is special to me. I focus in on the time we have together to deliver the messages your loved ones are present to share with you. My readings are to share positive and uplifting messages from those we need to hear from most. I am beyond grateful that you have taken the time to read my story and I hope that soon I will be able to share in a part of yours. If you have any questions at all about the process regarding spiritual readings please contact me so I can help further explain. 

Blessings & Light


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